About Us


The African Institute of Arts and Cultural Education (AIACE) is a state-approved nonprofit organization . Its purpose is to celebrate and project the rich cultures of Africa to the people of African descent in the Diaspora, the surrounding communities within the larger American society and the world at large.

Our Mission is to promote, project, and protect African arts and culture through heritage programs and projects. The protection of culture is an important part of ensuring the preservation, propagation, and the handing on of cultural heritage to the next generation.

In order to increase the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for Africa’s place in world history, AIACE will showcase Africa through:

♦       A Cultural Education program – An after school language program hosted at schools

♦       A quality traditional African live performances and programs to audiences and community settings

♦       As a community referral source for persons seeking reference on African Cultural topics,  serve as a repository of rare and important publications for limited community use.

♦       The Securing of a permanent facility for  administrative needs which will satisfy accessibility requirements as a public African Institute of Arts and Cultural Education, Inc.



AIACE Logo draws on the triune connection of the past, present, and future.

The Sankofa Bird and the map of Africa together embody the two components of AIACE.



Sankofa in Akan language of Ghana  means “go back and take.” The bird with its head turned backwards to retrieve an egg from its back represents the importance of learning from the past. Africans of all ages in Diaspora  must reach back to knowledge encoded in history and traditions in order to make progress.


Golden Map of Africa1


The Golden Africa represents the beauty that is Africa!